Autonomous Traffic Data Aquisition for Bicycle Detection

GECKO BIKE Autonomous Traffic Data Aquisition for Bicycle Detection
City planners who are responsible for the installation of new cycle paths, rely on real data as a basis for decision-making in their argu-mentation. By collecting and storing this data, you gain an overview of bicycle traffic.

The Gecko system was especially developed for the autonomous traffic data acquisition with battery supply and data transmission via mobile communication network.

Here, Gecko Bike is specialized in bicycle detection on bicycle paths or in flowing traffic, on one lane up to 3 m (Gecko1 Bike) as well as on a double lane up to 6 m (Gecko2 Bike).

Supplemented by the cloud-based SWARCO-WEB-platform and WEB-interfaces, the Gecko system is already part of the IoT (Internet of Things). Share your counting data with the public and raise e.g. the awareness for cycling or document the progress by showing your bicycle projects.


  • Automatic wireless data transmission via GSM modem to the SWARCO-WEB-platform (SWARCO cloud)
  • WEB-based system for visualization, evaluation, documentation and export of counting values
  • Data aggregation: Interval data seperated by driving direction for number of bicycles and average speed


Gecko now provides the functions and excellent features of the SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS inductive loop detectors in an autonomous system for bicycle detection. The core are the DIN-rail mount detectors, which were extended to include data transmission via mobile communication network.

Due to the considerable reduction of power consumption it is now possible to implement an autonomous data acquisition for up to 12 months using an easy-to-install detection system. The alternative connection to mains voltage or the optionally available photovoltaic installation allows permanent operation with an autonomy of two weeks when power supply fails (integrated battery).

Traffic data are transmitted in aggregated form, the interval periods for data acquisition and transmission can be adjusted. Measurement and diagnosis data (e.g. ID of measurement location, state of battery, intensity of mobile communication network, loop failure, measurement frequency) can be accessed at any time via SWARCO-WEB-plattform.


 Optimized for
Bicycle Detection


Low Power




Simple & Economic

  • Speed measurement
  • Simple, economic installation
  • Inductive loops optimized for bicycle detection
  • Low running costs for mobile communication network and provision  of data
  • Very low power consumption, self-sustaining for up to 12 months with battery operation
  • Alternative: Operation with mains voltage or photovoltaic installation, autonomous operation for 2 weeks
    (integrated battery)
  • Stable and reliable data acquisition, absolutely insensitive to weather and disturbances
  • Vandalism-proof due to various installation options such as stand-alone, pole-mount or typically placed in the ground
  • Verification of the data acquisition on location using vehicle readout at the service interface
  • Web-based data provision: The data is available everywhere

Technical Details

Supply Voltage

Autonomous battery operation: autonomous time 12 / 6 months (Gecko1 / Gecko2) with mains or solar power supply autonomous time 2 weeks

Interval periods

Data acquisition: 3 / 5 / 15 / 30 min, 1 h - 12 h
Data transmission 1 h - 24 h


Service interface
GSM modem for data transmission within mobile communication network

Operating Temperature

-15°C to +65°C




Supply voltage (with external mains or solar supply)
4 (Gecko1) or 8 (Gecko2) inductive loops
Service interface
External GSM antenna