GreenFlow for Trucks

Fuel savings, time savings and better flow

Increasingly congested cities are leading to a strong need for solutions that contribute both to economic interests and quality of life. GreenFlow is a solution that helps lower CO2 emissions, reduce noise levels, achieve better traffic flow and improve safety by getting freight vehicles out of the city faster. Because the trucks start and stop less often, this creates a smooth flow that results in reduced fuel consumption and less stress on the vehicles, while drivers are able to drive more comfortably. The municipality saves on road maintenance due to reduced stress and wear on the asphalt.

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iVRI's are located throughout the Netherlands. In recent years, road authorities have started to replace traditional traffic lights with so-called intelligent iVRI's that support priority services. At this moment, about 1000 locations (of the 5500 locations) in the Netherlands are equipped. New iVRI's are added weekly. View the current iVRI overview here.

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