Vehicle Classification & Traffic Detection

Effective traffic management and control

Inductive loops
Vehicle detection through inductive loops embedded in the road's surface is the traditional method of detection. Weiss Electronics pioneered the development of this technology. Now as part of SWARCO their inductive loops are used in a wide variety of installations - particularly when accurate vehicle data is required. Weiss detectors can provide accurate vehicle classification based on vehicle magnetic profiles and they are certified for use in Germany for up to 8+1 vehicle classes. Weiss also has inductive loop detectors which are approved for use with enforcement cameras.

Video detection
Video detection is based on real-time image processing providing efficient wide-area detection well suited for registration of incidents on roads and in tunnels. Connected to Traffic Controllers, the application can also be used for vehicle detection at signalized intersections where it is difficult or expensive to install inductive loops.

Radar detection
Radar detection is used to detect vehicles in motion within a limited detection area. It is well tested and very efficient.

IR detectors
Infrared sensors are often used to detect stopped vehicles and also particularly to detect pedestrians at pedestrian crossings.

Combined Technologies
Above ground detectors using several different detector technologies are especially useful on highways or in tunnels to provide a wide variety of accurate detection parameters and classification information from a single location.