CPC Products

Types of Products

At Colorado Paint Company, we develop and manufacture a wide variety of traffic coatings, field marking paints, and specialty coatings. Below is a general summary of the types of products we manufacture:



Waterborne Traffic Coatings

Fast drying, 100% acrylic traffic coatings that meet Federally spec'd Type I, Type II, and Type III. These products are ideal for roads, parking lots, airports, or wherever a traffic striping coating is desired.

Plural Component Traffic Coatings

Our plural component systems include patented technology that offer outstanding durability and rapid set-up time. These systems include our traffic epoxies, MMA technologies, and our patented MFUA 10 modified epoxy and MFUA 12 polyurea.

Field Marking Paints

Our field marking products are ideal for striping athletic dirt and grass fields. These ultra-low and zero-VOC products come in several stock colors, including white, ultra-bright white, red, yellow and blue. Custom colors are available.



Solvent-Borne Traffic Coatings

Colorado Paint manufactures both alkyd and acrylic solventborne traffic coatings.

Specialty Products

In addition to the above categories, we offer numerous services including toll manufacturing and customized formula development. Please contact your Colorado Paint representative for more details.

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