SWARCO and the students from the JFK School in Hemel win the Dacorum Dragon's Apprentice Challenge

Jamie Dean-Brown from SWARCO UK has mentored his team of budding entrepreneurs, 6th form students from JFK School in Hemel to victory in the Dacorum Dragon’s Apprentice challenge. The team was challenged with turning £100 seed fund, kindly donated by SWARCO, in to as much money for charity over 4 months. This was followed by a submitted business plan, presentation pitch and a display board for judging.

Jamie’s team won Best Business Idea, and went on to win the challenge overall by raising over £1270 for Watford FC Community Trust with their Milkshake Bars and Chess Tournaments, and of course the Virtual Balloon Race which many of you took part in (and even had a few SWARCO winners!). They were awarded their prizes and trophy at Pendley Manor in Tring, presented to them by Cllr Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council.

Jamie has said, “I am so proud of the team, they threw themselves into the challenge and came away with a multitude of new skills such as communication, teamwork and perseverance, learning continually throughout the challenge on how they can improve the next event. They’ve learnt skills for life from this process and I am chuffed to bits that all their hard work has seen them win overall.”