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At the SWARCO Headquarters.

In the year 2030 some 60% of the world’s population will live in cities. The mobility needs of our society continue to grow.

  • What are the intelligent answers to the challenges of today‘s traffic scenarios?
  • Which technologies are able to help keep traffic in motion, reduce emissions, protect our environment and improve the quality of life of human beings?
  • What are road markings made of exactly?
  • What does a traffic light look like inside?
  • How does modern fleet management in public transport work?
  • How do road operators collect traffic and environmental data?

Answers to these enthralling questions are given in the SWARCO TRAFFIC WORLD in Wattens/Tyrol. At the headquarters of traffic technology group SWARCO, visitors are introduced by means of a unique concept into how modern traffic management works across all traffic modes. Road safety products, LED technology, software application and the linking of technology components within the SMART CITY concept are equally part of the presentation as the life-sized traffic management center where SWARCO can connect to existing references across Europe. A retrospective on the development of traffic over the past 130 years as well as a glance at the research and development topics of the future are conveyed by means of movie clips. In a concentrated form in a single location, the visitors experience SWARCO’s competencies in traffic management for city roads, motorways, parking facilities, electromobility and public transport networks.

Since November 2015 the SWARCO TRAFFIC WORLD has been complemented by an additional showroom on glass beads and road marking systems. The history of road markings, the basics one needs to know about pavement markings and striping technology, microscope views of different glass beads and road marking systems, the application processes, and demonstrations on markings under different lighting and weather conditions will give you stunning insights in one of the most cost-effective solutions to improve road safety.

Guided tours through the SWARCO TRAFFIC WORLD are offered to all stakeholders – whether it is city mayors, traffic planners, traffic authorities, industrial corporations, or school classes – prior registered appointment (E. stw@swarco.com  and
T. +43-5224-5877-45).

We look forward to welcoming you.
Buses on Tiroler Straße B171 stop directly in front of our headquarter building
(bus-stop SWARCO).

Should you look for an inviting venue for your next seminar or customer event, feel free to talk to us as well.

See you soon in the SWARCO TRAFFIC WORLD!