X-LINE your intersections

With X-LINE, SWARCO introduces the latest innovation for environmentally friendly intersection control.

Highly intelligent signal heads allow to take decisive steps towards even more environmentally friendly traffic signal systems with improved safety. X-LINE is the platform for a modern system that offers advantages in terms of efficiency and handling throughout its entire life cycle.

Citizens demand that their communities provide a modern and environmentally friendly infrastructure. This applies to all areas of life. Of course, it is also assumed that a modern system is accompanied by an improvement in safety and reliability. Functional safety and high availability are a matter of course. Intelligent networked systems are omnipresent. The intelligent X-LINE signals allow extremely reliable control and especially monitoring of LEDs. Since the complete logic for this is implemented locally in the signal, highly efficient LEDs can be used. Thus, the power consumption of the complete signal is in the range of 1-2 W. Since the conventional lamp switches and their power electronics are no longer required, additional energy savings are achieved. The adaptive control of the LEDs allows a constant light brightness over the whole lifetime of the system with best phantom light characteristics. Excessively bright signals in new systems are therefore a thing of the past. Future LEDs with even lower wattages can also be integrated into existing systems without any problems.

Since modern X-LINE components are operated at much lower power levels, the aging of electrical components is reduced and a stable power supply for the system can be provided more reliably. TÜV-certified safety (SIL-3) of the signals also contributes to the robustness of the systems.

Part of the past are now thick strands of power cables. This reduces laying and wiring work, not to speak of a reduction in copper requirements. Simple connector solutions are now taking the place of a plethora of terminals. Existing cables, however, can still be used for the new technology. This will be noticeable to motorists due to reduced construction times and thus fewer disturbances and traffic jams.
As an open technology that can be used in components from various manufacturers, X-LINE offers cities high investment security.

"X-LINE is the future of signalized intersections" says SWARCO Vice President Stefan Seitz. "For cities and municipalities this means less energy consumption, less roadwork zones for the travelers and less traffic jams. Our systems provide the platform for intelligent solutions of the future. Be it new sensor technologies for monitoring air quality or the integration of cooperative or autonomous vehicles".
With X-LINE, operators reduce energy costs while improving safety and availability at the same time. X-LINE is therefore the technology of choice for the renewal or expansion of intersection control systems.