EUROTHERM® – Signs for liveable cities

What makes our cities and communities unique? It is the people living there.
What makes our cities and communities liveable? It is the places for leisure and recreation and the way how we organize traffic.

Liveable cities offer green spaces for recreation, and the infrastructure for the different traffic modes is designed in a way that all inhabitants can travel individually from A to B as safe, quick and convenient as possible. Towns and cities with such features are attractive and enjoy a significant competitive advantage on an international level when it comes to finding well-educated and trained people for the qualified jobs they offer.
EUROTHERM® supports communities in getting closer to such competitive character traits. The large portfolio of SWARCO‘s preformed thermoplastic pavement marking materials is perfect for the creative design of schoolyards, playgrounds, parking spaces or cycle paths, to name just a few examples.
“The versatility of EUROTHERM® preformed marking products can be best explained when looking into the pavement design of schoolyards“, says Bianca Schönheit, SWARCO’s product manager for preformed marking solutions in Europe. Such spaces can be individually designed with a very flexible concept. Pupils, teachers and parents can be involved right from the beginning to jointly achieve the best results. “The teaching staff and the pupils will spend more time outside, learning becomes more interactive and fun, and the pupils will be more serene and more motivated and eager to learn”, is Bianca Schönheit convinced.

Human beings will be much more satisfied when communities invest sustainably and and in a future-oriented manner in their safety and health. EUROTHERM® is a cost-effective and helpful tool to support this to make towns and cities more liveable.