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Open Innovation

SWARCO JOIN&GROW offers clients and partners a platform
​​​​​​​for joint product and process development for new industrial applications in the relevant target markets.

What are we looking for?

SWARCO JOIN&GROW looks for suitable synergy effects with individual companies,
corporations, inventors, universities, start-ups, research institutes, NGOs, …

SWARCO JOIN&GROW is a platform open to innovation in the business
sectors of SWARCO Advanced Industry Systems: 

  • Micro glass beads used as
    • reinforcement materials for plastics
    • filler materials for building materials
    • filling agents for adhesives
    • filling agents for paints, varnishes and coatings
    • reinforcements for 3D printed materials
    • functional pigments made of glass for many applications
      (enhancing optical, chemical, physical and mechanical properties)
    • blasting media for cleaning or surface treatments
  • Special glass used as a filling agent, pigment or reinforcement material
  • Rounded raw materials used as filling agents, pigments or reinforcement materials

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SWARCO JOIN&GROW is the innovation platform for founders and start-ups.

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