Central Service Desk

Reports of malfunctions and maintenance are forwarded to our technicians as quickly as possible. Damage to a lighting posts (e.g. due to a collision) involve more organization.

Centralized process

We have a central point where we manage all work orders, scheduling and directing our breakdown technicians. This makes our maintenance work more efficient and ensures that the malfunction is resolved more quickly. We resolve all incoming reports as quickly as possible to ensure the safety and quality of life of our citizens.

Within our service desk areal data centralized in one system. It is also possible to make a link to our customer's system. We convert the data we receive into dashboards so that we can easily steer towards improvements. We map out what is going well and what we can improve. Thanks to the analysis of this data, we can also predict when maintenance is required in order to prevent any malfunctions.

Online customer portal

In our customer portal malfunctions can be reported online and the current status of the reports is always shown. Our technicians receive the malfunction via the app on their tablet or smartphone and immediately go out to fix the problem.

Always nearby

Although our central service desk is where all breakdowns and damage reports are received, we have branches all over the Netherlands so that we are always nearby! This way we maintain personal contact with our customers.

Want to know more about public space management and maintenance? Watch our video:

Safety and livability

Together we guarantee the safety of citizens in public spaces, with an eye on sustainability. We are happy to take the management of public spaces off your hands, professionally and sustainably!