Display multiple messages using Prism technology

PRISM SIGNS Display multiple messages using Prism technology

Prism signs are an effective way to display multiple messages. Using rotating planks of aluminium to display up to three different messages, these can be designed to suit any requirements for urban or interurban applications such as warning of diversion routes or road closures, semi-permanent pedestrian zones or where pre-set messages are needed to alternate.

The product range offers solutions with internally illuminated prisms of 100mm or 200mm sections within a ‘closed’ enclosure behind a polycarbonate screen or ‘open’ prisms and can be presented vertically or horizontally depending on the application. The corrosion free aluminium sign enclosures are protected up to IP54 and can be co-ordinated to your colour requirements.

Due to their extremely low power consumption, prism signs are also ideally suited for solar power supply: energy is almost only required during message rotation.

These robust signs are built to withstand adverse weather conditions and require little maintenance, which makes them ideal for use in remote locations.

Sinusoidal drive:
A special feature of SWARCO’s prism signs is the sinusoidal drive which controls the message changes: starting with a high momentum, increasing speed during the process, and slowing down at the end of the motion phase, ensuring exact prism alignment. The drive then locks the prisms to protect them from external influences such as high winds. As well as optional temperature-controlled de-icing cycles the sinusoidal drive process considerably helps reduce mechanical wear and tear and maximizes the sign’s life span. The signs also feature a local override in the event of a power failure or for maintenance purposes. 

Linear drive:
Alternatively, for smaller variable surfaces, linear drives are used. Here, the prisms are driven by means of a wear-free worm gear, directly on the prism.


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