Electromechanically Operated Barrier System

BARRIER AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS BP56 Electromechanically Operated Barrier System

The swinging barrier type BP56 electromechanically operated has been specially developed for the applications in traffic management. It can function autonomously or be integrated into a system which regulates traffic on motorways, tunnels, mobile bridges etc.

  • Column shaft in sheet steel of 3 to 10 mm thickness, welded and shaped.
  • Door providing access to the mechanism with safety lock and 2 keys.
  • Removable upper capping, secured internally.
  • Electromechanical unit comprising:
    - asynchronous 3-phase motor,
    - speed reduction gearbox with worm screw, life-lubricated,
    - transmission between the motor and gearbox by means of trapezoidal pulleys and V-belt,
    - adjustable friction torque regulated by Ferodo disks,
    - transmission of movements by means of a crankshaft/rod device ensuring smooth progressive acceleration and deceleration and mechanical locking of the arm in extreme positions,
    - emergency crank with safety circuit breaker for manual operation of the barrier in the event of a power failure.
  • Aluminium barrier arm with reinforced oval section, 100 x 175 mm high, white enamelled with red reflecting stripes. The maximum length of the barrier arm is 8 m but will be reduced depending on the type signalisation used on the barrier arm and the operational site of the barrier, notably those which are particularly susceptible to strong winds (maritime zones etc ...)
  • Programmable electronic control board type AS1320 allowing various control operations and/or complementary accessories. The logic is placed in a waterproof casket. Electrical protection is secured by a bipolar circuit-breaker.
  • Frame to be embedded in a concrete base.

Technical Details