Heavy-duty High Security Rising Barrier

BARRIER AUTOMATIC SYSTEMS BL53 Heavy-duty High Security Rising Barrier

Heavy-duty high security rising barrier, with reinforced oval boom arm section, specially developed for installation on the public road.

  • Manufactured in shaped and welded steel sheeting 3 to 10mm thick, with a framework of steel profiles welded into a strong section.
  • Removable upper hood, locked from the inside.
  • Two side doors with peripheral weather seals and safety locks to insure easy access to the internal mechanism.
  • Aluminium tube barrier arm with reinforced oval section of 100 x 175 mm, varnished white with red reflecting stripes and endsealing cap. The arm is mounted in a central position on a steel pole.
  • Arm shaft mounted on two life-lubricated ball bearings.
  • Electro-mechanical assembly comprising:
    -Three-phase induction motor,
    - life-lubricated worm-screw gearbox,
    - safety torque limiter with adjustable friction,
    - operation by grooved pulley and V-belt making the adaptation of the operation speed possible according to the length of the barrier arm,
    - movement transmission by crankshaft-rod mechanism, insuring progressive shock-free accelerations and decelerations, as well as mechanical locking of the arm in end positions,
    - limit switches activated by adjustable cams.
  • Barrier arm balancing by means of a compression spring.
  • Programmable electronic control logic type AS1320 allowing various control operations and/or complementory accessories (see related technical data sheet).The logic protection to dust and condensation is assured by a removable hood. Electrical protection is secured by a bipolar circuit-breaker.
  • Emergency crank with safety cut-out for manual barrier operation in case of power failure.
  • Adjustable height tip support (option).
  • Fixing frame made of a fixing frame with threaded rods to be fixed in a concrete base to be provided by the customer.

Technical Details