Intertraffic 2024 – The center stage for Trends and Tech

Every two years, Intertraffic, the world's biggest and most influential traffic and mobility trade fair, hosts an eagerly awaited ‘rendezvous’ of mobility professionals - perfectly staged in the exhibition halls in Amsterdam. Every two years, Intertraffic, the world's biggest and most influential traffic and mobility trade fair, hosts an eagerly awaited ‘rendezvous’ of mobility professionals - perfectly staged in the exhibition halls in Amsterdam.

Intertraffic stands as the foremost platform uniting professionals across the mobility ecosystem. No matter if we are talking about Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) or Road Marking Systems (RMS), this dynamic event offers insightful knowledge sessions, unparalleled networking and a comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge products, services and innovative mobility solutions. Both online and offline, participants deliver the latest updates, perspectives and analyses, fostering smart, safe and sustainable mobility for all.
Following our tradition, SWARCO was there, showcasing how our holistic approach from a single source enabling cities and municipalities to provide an infrastructure to inhabitants, which makes the travel experience safer, quicker, more convenient and environmentally sound.
Of course, showcasing what we are capable of is one reason why we participate at Intertraffic. But for us, it is much more than that - being in a market-leading position is a result of being open-minded and eager to learn, valuing cooperation and also fostering collaboration with partners that follow the same objectives in terms of sustainability and efficiency. We are very happy that working together is one major trend we experienced at Intertraffic 2024!

Hot topics @ Intertraffic

It is obvious that people are getting more and more aware that only pulling together will put us all in a position to fight against climate change and environmental degradation. Collaboration is key, and a lot of different technology providers are willing to bring their developments into a common collaborative ecosystem, fostering sustainable and seamless urban mobility. There is now a collective realization that it is our industry’s duty towards future generations to establish an integrated mobility ecosystem while always keeping an eye on the efficient use of natural resources and applying sustainable practices. Read about our partnership with Monotch to foster large-scale deployment of CCAM for safer, greener, more inclusive, and efficient mobility. 

What about the technology?

Technology-wise, one specific trend at Intertraffic is the current talk of the town: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Talking about AI and how to use it in traffic management is a very important topic. It is an investment in both efficiency and convenience that helps to tackle the challenges associated with increasing traffic loads in modern cities. Implementing such smart algorithms in our mobility solutions has significant advantages that are not possible to achieve manually, especially in times when human resources are scarce.
Furthermore a third, but not less prominent trend, is the development of Connected, Cooperative Automated Mobility (CCAM). CCAM marks some kind of paradigm shift in transportation and promises cleaner, safer and consumer-centric mobility solutions whilst opening new business opportunities. For example, the advancement towards driverless cars is becoming increasingly tangible, and represents a huge potential for Road Marking Systems and Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Any trends beyond those already mentioned? 

In general, the Vision-Zero mindset, which is about reducing accidents and saving lives whilst reducing harm to our environment, was prominently present. No matter if we are talking about Road Marking or Intelligent Transportation Systems, a well-maintained and advanced infrastructure will play a crucial part in increasing road safety while improving comfort at the same time.

What does that mean for SWARCO?

At SWARCO, we are exploring new technologies with a clear vision: To utilize them as a means to an end. We don’t develop technology for technology's sake. It’s about identifying which emerging technologies can make a difference for our customers when it comes to easy to deploy and scalable solutions.

Our focus in R&D is not just on better integrating our existing products but also on creating the next generation of high-performance, future-ready solutions for the human eye and beyond. We are ready for the future, and we want to foster collaboration by establishing fruitful partnerships across the transportation sector. This will be the key to achieving our common goal.

We are looking into the future of our sector with confidence, knowing that the innovative spirit we experienced at Intertraffic, in our daily business and within our organization will lead to solutions that are both sustainable, resilient and enable The Better Way. Every Day.