Traffic Monitoring & Information

From Sensors to Information.

Modern dynamic highway guidance systems are based on a multitude of sensor data that form the basis for decisions on traffic management strategies and information for people on the move. Traffic counts, the measurement of speeds and distances between vehicles, the acquisition of environmental parameters such as wind, humidity, temperature and emissions and many other data are processed in the motorway control centres.

Variable message signs are the means of informing road users about construction sites, accidents or imminent traffic jams, road conditions and alternative routes. Video surveillance enables automatic event recognition. Easily accessible data enables the operator to quickly identify problems and react accordingly. Timely and accurate travel information enables road users to plan their journeys, make reliable decisions before and during their journey and arrive at their destination on time and stress-free. Weather stations and in-road sensors provide up-to-date data to trigger winter road clearance on motorways as a preventive measure.


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