Traffic management from a bigger perspective

MyCity is a new modular Traffic Management Platform that allows cities to improve mobility for their citizens throughout the entire journey.

Mobility does not stop at the city boundary or when changing mode of transportation. A commuter’s everyday journey goes on from the moment he leaves the door at home until arriving at his destination. As cities are fighting pollution and congestions the ability to support multimodality is rapidly becoming an ever increasing and important part of a sustainable transport system.

Today it is not unusual that a journey often includes several modes of transport, and the experiences that comes along, including driving their private car to a station, finding a good place to park, switching to public transport and finally jumping on a e-scooter to reach their final goal.

Maintaining the big picture of traffic demand and supply, based on data from different sources and various modes of transport is key for making the travel experience safer, quicker and more environmentally sound.

“Sustainable traffic management goes beyond optimizing the flow of individual cars”

“I strongly believe that if you want to manage mobility properly, we need to look at the big picture including all kinds of transportation and not only cars. To be able to do this, the traffic management system needs to know what´s going on in different parts of the transport system. In order to provide citizens a better journey, from doorstep to destination, we must look beyond boundaries of systems and transport modes.”

Wojciech Goj
Marketing Manager ITS Division

MyCity - A flexible and integrated solution

Traditionally SWARCO has delivered domain-specific solutions within the field of urban traffic, highways, parking and public transport. MyCity is now bringing this domain specific know-how together in a holistic platform approach.

MyCity is an open platform that can be extended to the individual customer’s needs. A city can start small with an “as a Service” business model and add required functionalities when needed.  Various legacy systems, data sources and information systems can be easily integrated. For the larger cities we offer full blown tailormade on-prem solutions where various sources of data are integrated to determine meaningful information on the current and future traffic situation and determine an optimization strategy.

MyCity features

Integration platform
Integration of all kinds of devices and systems, from traffic light controllers to parking houses.
Responsive & Customizable Design
Dashboards that allow the addition of new functions and features and possibility to switch intuitively between different type of devices.
Device monitoring
A merged and updated version of existing SWARCO products Omnia Basic, Topic and SWARCO Cloud to manage alarms and operational status of connected devices.
Data Management and Analytics
Managing, analysing and visualizing data that’s been collected from a variety of detectors and sensors.
Adaptive Traffic Control & Network Adaptive Traffic Control
Complete coverage of signal control solutions, ranging from simple rule-based control for individual intersections to sophisticated adaptive control for the complete city network.
C-ITS Ready
The possibility to connect existing infrastructure to vehicles and road users for more advanced ITS applications.
Traffic Engineering tools
Integration of engineering tools for planning and evaluation of intersections, testing of traffic signal control and simulation of traffic flow.
Single Sign-On
A single sign-on solution for all SWARCO solutions going forward.

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