Intertraffic Summit Session “Environmentally-friendly intersection controls” by SWARCO

At Intertraffic 2022, SWARCO was not only the largest exhibitor at the trade show, but also took an active role in the summit programme - for instance with our session "Environmentally friendly intersection controls".

Matthias Nolle, Product Manager Urban at SWARCO, spoke about the following subject matter:

At today’s intersections, traffic lights are switched by a traffic light controller via an electrical interface. This results in traffic lights with little maintenance efficiency, value added functionalities cannot be implemented, and energy efficiency has still room for improvement. At the same time, traffic controllers – and consequently intersection controls as a whole – are under constant pressure to be more environmentally friendly and consume less energy. Using the principle of distributed intelligence, it becomes possible to reduce the amount of energy used at an intersection while the efficiency using LEDS with minimum power remains.

A recording of this talk can be viewed on the Intertraffic website. To access the video, follow one of the links below:

  • For registered users: Get access via the Intertraffic Connect App here.
  • For non-registered users: Get access via the Intertraffic Website here.

For more information on environmentally friendly intersection controls, visit the product page of SWARCO X-LINE.