Software for traffic centers

PRIMOS BLAK Software for traffic centers

The PRIMOS BLAK* software for traffic centers meets all requirements for the control, monitoring and coordination of traffic management installations.

The software includes

Die Rechnerzentralensoftware PRIMOS BLAK* erfüllt alle Anforderungen zur Steuerung, Überwachung und Koordinierung von Verkehrsbeeinflussungsanlagen.

The scope of services includes both extensive data management with recording, archiving and diverse evaluation options, as well as a graphical user interface with an integrated operating concept.

The modular structure guarantees a flexible adaptation to the most diverse requirements and given conditions.

The various software components are based on a data distribution system with different services.

The client-server architecture is used consistently.

*Working group of the federal government and the federal states​​​​​​​


  • Line control systems with temporary automatic release of the hard shoulder
  • Node control systems
  • Network control systems
  • Release of alternating traffic in two-way traffic
  • Traffic control in tunnels and on tunnel ramps
  • Wind warning systems
  • Truck parking on federal motorways


  • The system can be used as a single computer as well as double computer with highest availability (hot standby).
  • Archive system or SQL database
  • Integration of different interfaces and systems e.g. OPC-Server, Webserver, NTP-Server
  • Dynamic process monitoring
  • C2X technology integrated