Management and maintenance of traffic control systems

New generation of traffic control systems

In the multi-year innovation partnership Talking Traffic, public and private parties are working on 'talking traffic'. The aim is to improve traffic safety, traffic flow and accessibility by means of real-time information exchange between road users and traffic systems. Therefore, all traffic lights in the Netherlands will be replaced in the coming years for the smart variant: the intelligent traffic control installation (iVRI). We are one of the partners in the Talking Traffic partnership and, in addition to the management and maintenance of traffic lights, we are involved in the construction and maintenance of iVRIs.

Management and maintenance of traffic control systems

We remotely maintain and monitor the traffic control system and perform periodic maintenance on site. In addition, we proactively monitor whether the system is functioning correctly. In order to continuously optimize our standard software, we build a test system in which we simulate the problem. We then apply the solution to all our installations.

The interval of the maintenance rounds on location and the checkpoints are determined in consultation with our customers. The reports of the maintenance rounds are recorded in our customer portal. We can also do this according to NEN2767, whereby an independently verifiable image quality report is made for each installation. This objective information can be used for a possible replacement trajectory.

Emergency service

In addition to the preventive maintenance round, it may happen that there are malfunctions or damage to the traffic control installation. In this case, a breakdown follow-up is scheduled through our Central Service Desk in accordance with the concluded Service Level Agreement. From our Central Service Desk, the work orders, planning and control of the fault technicians are arranged. This enables us to arrange our maintenance work more efficiently and faults are rectified more quickly. Regardless of whether the traffic control installation belongs to Dynniq or another party, we will solve the complaint or malfunction.

Customer Portal

We have automated as many manual processes as possible concerning the management and maintenance of traffic lights and iVRIs. In our customer portal, failures can be reported online and progress can be viewed at any time. We use the data from the customer portal to make trend analyses and to predict when maintenance is needed in order to prevent possible failures.