Classification Detector for DIN-Rail Mounting

CD3224 CERTIFIED DETECTOR Classification Detector for DIN-Rail Mounting

The CD3224 loop detector was specifically designed for vehicle detection with classification and speed measurement for traffic data acquisition and traffic management. The detector is designed for direct DIN rail mounting and includes a complete surge protection module for the induction loops.

The detector is certified by the German federal highway research institute (BASt) for TLS-loops type 1 and type 2 with a feed cable length of 300 m in all classes without double wiring.

The CD3224 offers the features and outstanding characteristics of the SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS classification detectors in 19" technology now also in a device for DIN-rail mounting. Developed on the basis of the proven and certified MC2224 / CD9234, it includes a complete surge protection module. This integration minimizes the wiring and reduces the space requirement considerably.

The CD3224 classifies the vehicles in (8+1), (5+1) or 2 classes acc. to TLS*. When TLS loops are used, the classification meets the accuracies required by the German federal highway research institute and is not influenced by e.g. weather conditions. On activation of the directional logic, reports of wrong way drivers can be generated. The vehicle type is determined by means of passing-curves which have characteristic features depending on the different classes and the loop types used.

* TLS: Technical delivery terms for roadway stations

Via the RS485 bus single-vehicle data is transferred to a controller, which takes over further data aggregation acc. to TLS-specifications. The detector automatically adjusts itself to the attached loop/feed-cable combination. Variations in temperature have no influence on data acquisition.

The measuring systems are permanently checked for short or open loops, only when a definite malfunction is detected, systems are put into a failure condition. If one loop of a TLS double-loop system is disturbed, the remaining loop supplies further data on time of occupancy, time gap and a classification of car-similar and HGV-similar vehicles. Speeds and vehicle lengths cannot be determined.

Short measuring intervals and a new procedure for speed measurement provide for the high accuracy of the measured data and the high detection speed, according to the requirements of the German federal highway research institute. The test pattern certified by the Federal Highway Research Institute consists of the detector CD3224 and an STS-FG1-IOC for the data aggregation and connection to the Federal Highway Research Institute testing system.

The LoopMaster operating program, which is available free of charge, offers extensive loop and detector analysis functions. The trend-setting customizing allows an individual configuration and setting of operating elements and functions.

The detector can provide the following single-vehicle data via the RS485 interface, depending on the TLS classification version:





Low Power




Easy and Space-
Saving Integration

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