Reduce the number of bridge and tunnel strikes immediately

OVERHEIGHT VEHICLE DETECTION Reduce the number of bridge and tunnel strikes immediately

Costly bridge strikes can be avoided by alerting overheight vehicles on their approach. SWARCO's Overheight Vehicle Detection (OVD) systems are the ideal solution.

Utilising several detection methods to suit the location, SWARCO’s overheight detection system determines whether a vehicle is too high to safely pass under a bridge, tunnel or height restricted area. The system activates a TSRGD compliant fixed message on an LED display advising the driver to either ‘Turn Back’ or to ‘Divert Right or Left’ or a bespoke design. Signs often feature the safe height graphic to explain to drivers of all languages of the danger.

Live information from the system including all activations and status are monitored and recorded to ensure safety critical signs are always in optimum condition. All of which can be accessed remotely using SWARCO's Zephyr.

 Proven Reliability

Remote Monitoring

Significantly improves road safety


Key benefits of SWARCO's Overheight Vehicle Detection system;

  • A choice of messages advising drivers on action to take
  • Applications include low bridges, arched bridges, tunnels, site infrastructure and car parks
  • All activations and operational status monitored and recorded, also available remotely
  • Also available in full colour VMS to display any message or graphic required
  • Infra-red detection beams at the most effective location
  • Vehicle detection in carriageway to prevent spurious activations
  • High speed radio link to activate signs
  • Reduce the number of bridge strikes and reduce congestion and economic costs due to disruption or road and rail users
  • Enhanced safety for all travellers