Moveable Vehicle Activated Signs (MVAS) from SWARCO are a smaller, compact and battery powered version of SWARCO’s speed warning signs. These are designed for self-deployment to improve road safety and encourage safer driving speeds. The signs in this range can be mounted to existing street furniture reducing the need for additional poles, and are designed to be light enough to to be easily relocated. 

As well as warning of the speed limit these moveable sign are also available as a Speed Indicator Sign displaying the approaching vehicle's actual speed with optional accompanying messages such as ‘SLOW DOWN’/ ‘THANK YOU’ or smile/frown faces.

This range comes with data logging as standard so that vehicle speeds, quantities and trends can be analysed to assess road safety measures.

These devices have a battery life of up to 20 weeks from a single charge, making it the lowest maintenance version to date. Alternatively, these can also be solar powered reducing the need for maintenance even more so. 

and Durable

High Energy-



Key Benefits of SWARCO's MVAS include;

  • Move to a variety of locations to target as many drivers as possible
  • Free data logging accessed via Wi-fi or Bluetooth to analyse vehicle speeds, time logging and traffic volumes
  • Low power consumption and comes as with a rechargeable battery as standard, alternatively opt for a solar conversion
  • A variety of designs are available including speed limit warning and speed indication
  • Lightweight yet durable, professional installation isn't required
  • A reliable option and long design life
  • Certified to CE EN12966, TOPAS registered and conforms to TSRGD