Improved Safety on the Road

MOBIL VMS Improved Safety on the Road

These flexible LED displays improve road safety by informing about road works on highways, by warning against obstacles and congestion or by signalling changes in traffic routing.

LED mobile Variable Message Signs consist of:

  • warning trailers
  • signs for road maintenance trucks
  • temporary variable message signs
  • signs for police and other intervention vehicles

Control System

Alternative Power
Supply Sources


Pixel Options

  • the patented LED optical system:
    • provides highest optical performance
    • directs the LED light to where it is needed
    • allows a 90% reduction of LED forward current, maintaining all optical requirements during the whole lifecycle of the mobile variable message sign, therefore increased availability and lowest energy consumption
  • conformity to EN12966: more than 100 class-combinations of different colours, luminosity, contrast, beam width, pixel pitch, LEDs, forward current, etc. have been tested and certified by SGS/INTRON
  • alternative power supply sources (solar panels, wind turbine, fuel cell, diesel generator)
  • a wide range of pixel pitch options from 12 mm to 35 mm, fitting any application
  • industry leading LED drivers with power saving features and efficient power supplies
  • several local control units with user-friendly interface and complete control:PDA (touchscreen), 7 segment or LCD keyboard (cable or wireless connection)
  • possibility to control the signs via central management systems
  • over 16 years of experience in LED mobile variable message signs

Technical Details

Light source

high-power LEDs from renowned manufacturers


modular design principle in seawater-proof, powder-coated profiles made of aluminum AlMg3

Protection class

P1, P2, P3, to IP 65

Temperature classes

T1 (-15°C to +60°C) / T2 (-25°C to +55°C) / T3 (-40°C to +40°C)

Humidity range

20 – 95% rel. humidity


  • static, dynamic contents, animations up to 20 frames/second
  • automatic or manual brightness control
  • single LED error detection
  • in-matrix or external flashers
  • lifting/lowering control
  • GPS location


RS485/RS422, USB, Ethernet IP, WLAN, CAN, GPRS

others on request

Mounting options

  • trailer mounted
  • truck mounted
  • rooftop mounted
  • vehicle integrated
  • other constructions on request


local: PDA (touchscreen), 7 segment or LCD keyboard (cable or wireless connection)

remote: integration in central management systems, web interface


optical equipment fits into the matrix

luminance ratio (contrast) up to 100, even at low sun position <10°

Pixel pitch

12 / 16 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 mm

Light distribution

highest EN12966 optical classes L3(*) R3 C2 B6

B7 on request

Power supply

12 - 48 VDC

battery charger (110 / 220 VAC)

optional: solar panels, wind turbine, fuel cell, diesel generator


EN 12966:2005+A1:2009

CE-certification by SGS/INTRON