Road Marking Systems

Showing the Way, Worldwide

In 1969 we started out with the manufacture of tiny reflective glass beads. Today we have grown into the world’s largest systems provider for road markings. Making roads safer and saving lives on a daily basis. Our high quality products and services, safely direct traffic flow from A to B, every day and night. On all roads, in any weather, and all from SWARCO.

We prepare for the future, by fusing knowledge with innovation at our Competence Center for Glass Technology and Marking Systems. So, even with smart and autonomous driving, we continue to blaze the trail of premium road markings to the world. Jump in and drive with us. We will be happy to help you find your ideal road marking solutions.

Automated Mobility

Guiding the Way for Humans and Machines

Modern lane markings improve road safety significantly, saving human lives.
SWARCO Road Marking Systems provides people with optimal orientation
in every situation thanks to innovative markings.

Areas of Application

Special Solutions

Center of Competence

Worldwide Innovation

The Center of Competence is a globally connected department
of SWARCO Road Marking Systems, bringing together all
Research & Development departments and spearheading close cross-cutting
cooperation between Sales, Production and striping companies.

SWARCO Road Marking Systems Center of Competence
Glass Beads Illustration

It takes Know-How

Drop-on beads that fit

Drop-on beads are the cornerstones for the visibility of road markings at night.
They create a high level of initial retro-reflection in new

markings and make driving at night much safer.

Road Marking Explained

This is Us!

Glass Beads for Road Marking

SWARCO Road Marking Systems
Tailor-made for your needs

Every road marking system is a tailor-made combination of a marking material and reflective glass beads. 

We offer you consultancy in order to identify the system that optimally meets your needs.