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Our Expertise in Industry Associations

SWARCO is a member of various industry associations and contributes to the work of numerous committees on standardization, road safety advocacy and the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems.

We are a proud member of:

Road Safety Advocacy in Brussels.

The European Union Road Federation (ERF) is a non-profit association which coordinates the views of Europe’s road infrastructure sector and acts as a platform for research and dialogue on mobility issues between stakeholders and institutional players.

In order to facilitate the contribution of the road sector towards the EU Institutions and member states, the ERF was established in Brussels in 1998 with the following mission:

  • Defend the interests of the European road infrastructure community towards the EU Institutions and other stakeholders
  • Represent a cross-section of industry partners, road and users associations active in the construction, equipment, maintenance and operation of Europe’s road network
  • Initiate and support studies, campaigns and publications aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of roads for all citizens
  • Contribute to European research initiatives with a view to enhancing the overall efficiency, sustainability and safety of the road transport system
  • Give the road infrastructure community a consistent and united voice in all road transport areas by promoting and coordinating Programmes & Working Groups

SWARCO's international sales manager for Road Marking Systems, Harald Mosböck, is a member of the ERF Executive Committee.

New ERF video

The ERF Secretariat is pleased to launch the new ERF corporate video, sharing their vision for the coming years with the support of our members. This video embraces the main objectives, activities and commitments of the ERF for the future:

  • Improving Road Safety through efficient and safe road infrastructure and equipment (markings, signs and barriers), as well as ensuring safer work zones, thus participating to the objectives of #Visionzero;
  • Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals such as decarbonisation, circular economy and reducing the environmental footprint of the road sector;
  • Encouraging best practices in Road Asset Management, with an increased cooperation between private and public sectors, fostering the European excellence and leadership;
  • Enabling Smart Mobility and paving the way to address the future challenges of tomorrow’s mobility, ensuring full adaptability of the infrastructure to connected and automated vehicles.

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