Urban Mobility Management

SWARCO MyCity Urban Mobility Management

Urban Mobility Management with MyCity: the fast moving, flexible technology for smarter, greener cities

SWARCO MyCity urban mobility management software for small, medium and large cities. It was developed to tackle problems associated with two key challenges faced by cities: rapid changes to the types of urban mobility and the IT landscape needed to support it; and rapid urbanization and its impacts on city environments.

8 solutions with SWARCO MyCity 1.0

The complete MyCity 1.0 urban mobility management software includes eight different solutions, each with specific functions.

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MyCity is scalable so you can add new solutions when you need them or accommodate project specific requirements.


Futureproof mobility management technology

MyCity has been built to evolve as mobility evolves, allowing you to proactively respond to changes in urban mobility trends and the technology used to support them.


Operator friendly

It’s easy to use from a single sign-on system that gives you access to important data and reports via a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard.


Use wherever you are

The micro service-based technology is built on a brand-new platform that enables hosting in a secure cloud system that is operated 24/7 by SWARCO. And as MyCity is optimized for mobiles and tablets, it’s accessible from wherever you are.


Flexible integration

SWARCO MyCity shares and processes data from different systems and acts as the aggregator of mobility-relevant data sources. It then adds value by serving as a single point of contact for all this data.

For liveable and sustainable cities


Efficient vehicle movement

Reduce travel times for road users by using real-time and historical data to plan and evaluate traffic flows and keep your city’s traffic moving efficiently.


Improved traffic safety

Improved monitoring, workflows and data processing mean you can proactively prevent many incidents before they happen (such as a dangerous build-up of traffic resulting from a faulty signal), reducing the likelihood of accidents, or when there is an accident, priority can be given to emergency vehicles.


Better air quality

Smoother traffic flows and less congestion mean reduced levels of vehicle emissions. MyCity helps you to create a green wave and prioritize specific type of vehicles such as buses, emergency vehicles and/or cyclists, so reaching your city’s environmental goals becomes more realistic.


Lower infrastructure costs

This modern planning tool will allow you to make better use of your city’s existing infrastructure, rather than the costly alternative of building more roads.


A more appealing place to live

The quality of life in a city goes a long way to determining whether or not it attracts new businesses and more people to live and work there. A well-managed city road network, that is easy to travel around and relatively free from congestion, goes a long way to improving quality of life.

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