The Smart Trailer

MiTra The Smart Trailer

MiTra is an intelligent trailer to be used for multiple applications including functionality to inform drivers via a VMS, estimate the travel time, detect speed reduction with a radar sensor, monitor the traffic via a video camera and communicate with vehicles over ITS-G5 technology. Additionally the trailer can be controlled via a remote traffic management center.

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Patented technology.

Our patented lens technology, which offers an unrivalled performance, ensures the best visibility even in adverse conditions, especially when the sun is low in the sky.




Highly Efficient
RGB LED-Matrix

The unique selling point is a fully networked, sensor-integrated and "talking" warning trailer. It has a modular structure so that the sensor equipment can be adapted to the customer and the application. The RGB LED matrix display is also available in different resolution and size. The vehicle-to-infrastructure communication module (road side unit) is fully integrated into the warning trailer and at radio and data level complies with international standards and future harmonized data profiles.

Basic functionality:

  • static, dynamic contents, animations up to 10 frames/second automatic or manual brightness control, local or remote control
  • single LED error detection
  • in-matrix or external flashers
  • lifting/lowering control
  • GPS localization

Road side unit:

  • Based on ITS-G5 and WLAN 802.11p

  • Application interface to cooperative central system

  • Harmonised with European standards

Supported Sensors:

  • Bluetooth/WLAN sensor for travel time estimation
  • Radar sensor for warning of approaching trucks
  • Radar sensor for speed reduction detection

Technical Details

HousingModular design principle in seawater-proof, powder-coated and made of aluminum AlMg3
Light source

High-power LEDs from renowned manufacturers.
Low LED forward current increases LED life time and avoids aging effects.


Optical equipment fits into the matrix
Luminance ratio (contrast) up to 100, even at low sun position <10°

VMS size and type64x128 RGB
Pixel pitch20 mm
Light distributionhighest EN12966 optical classes L3(*) R3 C2 B6
B7 on request
Power supply12 VDC battery charger (220 VAC)
Battery1 x 230Ah or 2 x 230Ah
Remote controlIntegration in management system via ASFINAG IMIS protocol or FuturitCom2

Ethernet, WiFi (for tablet)

Local controlTouchscreen tablet with wireless or wired connection
Protection classP2 (EN12966), IP54 housing
P3 (EN12966), IP56 front matrix
Temperature classesT1 (-15°C to +60°C) / T2 (-25°C to +55°C) / T3 (-40°C to +40°C)
Humidity range0 – 95% rel. humidity
ChassisAccording to ASFINAG requirements
CertificationEN 12966:2005+A1:2009
CE-certification by SGS/INTRON
ECE R10-05