SWARCO Services

A high level of professionalism and quality are the prerequisites for the development, production and implementation of traffic components and systems.  Our integrated quality management and the pursuit of continuous improvement ensure that your projects are implemented efficiently and purposefully. 

Consulting & Planning

You want to start a new project or you are in the middle of a running project? SWARCO is your competent point of contact for project management and can be consulted as a reliable partner in every phase of your undertaking.

With our long-standing industry know-how we offer a wide range of consulting services. We provide assistance in designing and planning as well as construction and engineering and make the material or system selection easier for you. We also have experience and the network when it comes to research and development.

Installation & System Integration

To ensure that the offered solution or product fulfills the needs of our customer, SWARCO is ready to take over the whole construction process up to its execution. This includes construction management and coordination starting from delivery, assembly, installation and application to commissioning and testing.

Infrastructure Projects

We are active in various fields, ranging from control systems (controlling bridges, locks, tunnels, traffic centers and airports), public lighting to smart mobility solutions and traffic systems. For each project we can provide consultancy, design, engineering, project management, installation, commissioning, maintenance and asset management. 


Maintenance and service of infrastructures and systems guarantees long-lasting functionality and secures investments. SWARCO provides 24/7 service for traffic signal systems, emergency support and can take over maintenence and road marking contracts. We also offer different 'as a service' options customized to indivudal needs of operators, communities and cities.

Asset Management

Within our management & maintenance team, continuous analysis, adjustment and optimization are key. We continuously optimize our processes and activities, for example based on Deming's PDCA cycle, in order to achieve optimal availability of our customers' assets.

Central Service Desk

We automate as many manual processes around the management of public spaces as possible. In 2018, we established our Central Service Desk (CSD) where all failures and damages for maintenance work in the Netherlands are centralized. This applies to both public lighting and traffic control systems.

Analysis & Optimization

See the potential in your system and be prepared for the future. SWARCO services involve traffic data collection, traffic analysis and traffic simulations. We are experts in performing retroreflecitivity and skid resistance measurements, the customization of systems or the moderinsation and optimisation of existing infrastructures.


As an additional benefit or if requested by the customer, SWARCO is able to set up tailor-made financing solutions in order to support funding our customer’s individual project. Each project is evaluated on a case by case basis to ensure that the requirements of our customer can be satisfied. Feel free to contact for further information!

Cloud Services

SWARCO provides professional cloud services to ensure that the traffic management solutions offered in the cloud are available at any time and free of interference. The cloud service platform developed by SWARCO guarantees secure environments for our customers. It includes software and hardware components such as monitoring systems and control environment, security solutions, ITSM, backup and recovery software, network accesses as well as reporting.

Below you will find the documents that are generally valid for Cloud Services:

SLA SWARCO Cloud Services

SWARCO Cloud Security Program

SWARCO Cloud Services  Terms & Conditions