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Nearly 50 years ago we started out with the manufacture of tiny reflective glass beads. Today we have grown into the world’s largest systems provider for road markings. Making roads safer and saving lives on a daily basis. Our high quality products and services, safely direct traffic flow from A to B, every day and night. On all roads, in any weather, and all from SWARCO.

We prepare for the future, by fusing knowledge with innovation at our Competence Center for Glass Technology and Marking Systems. So, even with smart and autonomous driving, we continue to blaze the trail of premium road markings to the world. Jump in and drive with us; we will be happy to help you find your ideal road marking solutions.

A division of the SWARCO Group
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SWARCO VESTGLAS is located in Recklinghausen at the edge of the German Ruhr area in Germany. The long-established company with a staff of 50 is the SWARCO Group's largest production site for reflective glass beads for traffic safety and blasting media made of glass for surface technology. SWARCO VESTGLAS is also one of the leading companies in the production of thermoplastic for road marking.

The eventful history of the company goes back to 1948. At that time VESTGLAS was located in Gelsenkirchen and produced household goods made of glass and also technical glass. In the early 1960s Wuppertal-based paint producer Prof. Kurt Herberts acquired Vestische Glashütte (now SWARCO VESTGLAS) and developed a sole distribution cooperation with the North American glass bead company FLEXOLITE. At the end of the 1960s an own production site for glass beads was established in Recklinghausen. FLEXOLITE Eurpa GmbH (50% Flexolite, 50% VESTGLAS) was born. Since then glass beads have been produced in Recklinghausen. When VESTGLAS took over the 50% shares of Flexolite in 1974, Flexolite ended its activities in Europe.

In 1978 the Tyrolean entrepreneur Manfred Swarovski acquired 100% of VESTGLAS. The integration of the company into the SWARCO Group was a valuable addition to the group focussed on traffic safety. Besides the German market and its main client SWARCO Limburger Lackfabrik, SWARCO VESTGLAS also delivers to Benelux, Scandinavia, Great Britain and France. A considerable share of SWARCO VESTGLAS' turnover is generated by surface technology products. Apart from blasting beads and glass granulate SWARCO VESTGLAS offers its customers a wide range of blasting media, made of various types of aluminium oxide, plastic granulates and natural media like, for example, nutshell granulate or corn cob shot. Cleaning, deburring, matting and surface compacting are examples of processes, that can be achieved with these materials.