ITC-2 Traffic Controller

State-of-the-art traffic controllers

SWARCO's ITC-2 traffic controller is modular in design and can be configured for all types of intersections. Using TCP/IP or 3G modem it can be directly connected to many different control and monitoring systems.


ITC-2 front panel

The controller can be delivered in three different sizes depending on the number of signal groups required.

For normal intersections the 3U rack with 16 signal groups and 32 detectors will be suitable. For larger intersections, or for covering more than one intersection, there are versions with 32 and 64 signal groups and 80 detectors.

ITC-2 is designed for any climate and is installed worldwide, from the cold Nordic to the hot Middle East and Africa regions. The larger cabinet is equipped with a swing frame allowing easy access to the backside of the unit.

The controller has been developed according to European and national standards.

  • Linux operations system with web-interface
  • The built-in operator panel allows full control and access to all parameters. The police panel can switch signals on/off and to amber flash as well as full stage control. The RS232 terminal interface provides further access to the internal software for control and debugging. The parameters are password protected with two security levels.
  • The detection system is based on inductive loop-detectors with 8 loops per card. Alternatively video detection Autoscope Rackvision or Atlas cards can be installed.
  • Lamp group cards with triac outputs for 230 or 42 VAC with full monitoring of voltage and currents on all outputs. Each card controls two signal groups.
  • Optional I/O-cards for control of relay input or output.
  • CPU-board with ARM processor for control and supervision of functions. The CPU has a real time clock with battery backup.
  • ITC-2 is available also in a 42V version.


The ITC-2 controller’s standard software provides a large number of parameter-controlled functions.


  • There are 16 traffic plans and 16 traffic situations available with standard parameters for programming of local and central co-ordination. Cable-free linking is possible with a GPS clock.
  • One controller can control up to four independent intersections in four separate rings. Each ring can have eight primary stages and an unlimited number of secondary stages. The logic is signal group controlled with a full conflict matrix between all groups.
  • Traffic counting with internal detectors with seven-day backup.User defined counting interval.
  • Fulfils Scandinavian LHOVRA specification.
  • Built-in bus priority functions.
  • Built-in advanced programmable control logics enabling the user to create new functions.
  • For control and supervision ITC-2 has interfaces to Omnia/Utopia/Spot, Omnivue and EC-Trak UTC systems. The controller can send SMS or e-mails in case of faults.
  • Internal web-interface.


For the configuration and test of parameters, a Windows-based easy-to-use software tool is provided.


A safety CPU guarantees that no hazardous situations occur. The CPU monitors:


  • All colour and green/green conflicts
  • Signal sequences
  • Min. and max. times for all signal states
  • All flash periods
  • For coordinated signals min. and max. cycle time
  • Wait lamp duration
  • Min. and max. lamp load for red, amber and green
  • Min. and max. main supply voltage for safe operation
  • Min. and max. main supply frequency
  • Max. mains voltage dip before restart
  • The safety CPU also includes 4 general
    purpose inputs and 4 general purpose outputs


  • Basic sizes (signal groups): 16,32,48
  • Loop detectors: 32,64,64
  • Video detectors: Rackvision, Atlas
  • Voltage: 230 VAC ±15%
  • Ambient temperature:-40 - +80°C
  • Load per output: Max 500 VA
  • I/O interfaces: 5-48 V, 100 mA
  • Total output: 3,7kVA
  • Cabinet (large) 900x1300x420 mm
    Cabinet (small) 600x1300x350 mm
    Indoor rack (32 sg) 480x400x240 mm
    Indoor rack (16 sg) 480x135x240 mm
  • Communication: RS 232, Ethernet
  • System connections: Utopia/Spot, Omnivue, EC-Trak
  • Certifications: EN-12675, EN-50293, HD-638 S1