ITC-2 Mini Traffic Controller

State-of-the-art traffic controllers

ITC-2 Mini is a low-cost version of the ITC-2 Controller. This mini-version is a cost-effective choice for small intersections and pedestrian crossings, providing the same modular design and flexibility of ITC-2.


Traffic controller
  • ITC-2 Mini has four signal groups and can be installed on a DIN-rail in a small cabinet.
  • The controller has been developed according to European and national standards.
  • Compact design, only 290x150x75 mm and 1.5 kg.
  • The built-in operator panel allows full control and access to all parameters. The police key can switch signals on/off and to amber flash or get full stage control.
  • The RS232 terminal interface provides access to the internal software for control and debugging. The parameters are password protected with two security levels.
  • The detection system is based on inductive loop-detectors with up to eight loops.
  • Lamp group cards with triac outputs for 230 or 42 VAC with full monitoring of voltage and currents on all outputs.
  • Optional I/O-card for control of relay input or output.
  • CPU-board with i386 processor for control and supervision of functions. The CPU has a real time clock with battery backup.
  • A 42V version is also available.


The ITC-2 Mini controller’s standard software provides a large number of parameter-controlled functions.


  • There are 16 traffic plans and 16 traffic situations available with standard parameters for programming of local and central co-ordination. Cable-free linking is possible with a GPS clock.
  • The controller can have eight primary stages and an unlimited number of secondary stages. The logic is signal group controlled with a full conflict matrix between all groups.
  • Traffic counting with internal detectors with seven-day backup. User defined counting interval.
  • Fulfils Scandinavian LHOVRA specification.
  • Built-in bus priority functions.
  • Built-in advanced programmable control logics enabling the user to create new functions.
  • For control and supervision ITC-2 has interfaces to Omnia/Utopia/Spot, Omnivue and EC-Trak UTC systems. The controller can send SMS or e-mails in case of faults.
  • Internal web-interface.


For configuration and test of parameters, a Windows-based, easy-to-use software tool is provided.


A safety CPU guarantees that no hazardous situations occur.

The CPU monitors:


  • All colour and green/green conflicts
  • Signal sequences
  • Min. and max. times for all signal states
  • All flash periods
  • All min. and max. cycle times
  • Wait lamp duration
  • Min. and max. lamp load for red, amber and green
  • Min. and max. main supply voltage for safe operation
  • Min. and max. main supply frequency
  • Max. mains voltage dip before restart


  • Basic sizes: 4 signal groups
  • Eight loop-detectors
  • Voltage: 230 V AC ±15%
  • Ambient temperature range: -40 - +80°C
  • Load per output: max. 500 VA
  • I/O interfaces: 5-48 V, 100 mA
  • Communication: RS 232, Ethernet
  • System connections: Utopia/Spot, Omnivue, EC-Trak
  • Certifications: EN-12675, EN-50293, HD-638 S1