Ever increasing traffic volumes require innovative methods for monitoring and controlling traffic. The SCC-AIR PROCESSING/NETWORKING UNIT is the ideal communication solution for a wide range of traffic management systems.


SWARCO Technology: Linux-driven controller with ARM9 CPU

SCC-AIR is an ARM9-based processing/networking unit developed by SWARCO TECHNOLOGY and running Linux. SCC-AIR is module-based and can be delivered with a combination of interfaces and options. Powered either directly from a 90-250V AC supply, with or without battery backup, or by an optional Solar Panel with extended battery backup, the SCC-AIR constitutes a flexible and easy to use green alternative to traditional solutions.

  • ARM9-based processing/networking unit
  • runs Linux operating system
  • versatile communication platform equipped with GSM/UMTS/GPS and Ethernet communication and serial ports for local control
  • modular wireless options deliver the needed functionality at the best cost
  • Bluetooth© module for acting as an outstation for intelligent traffic data collection, combining it with central systems to calculate travel times, route quality, travel patterns, etc.
  • combined with the SWARCO Motorway Controller (SMC) software, the SCC-AIR can also be used as a centralized controller for a large array of variable signs and detectors


400 MHz ARM9 CPU

Operating system



  • 32 MB onboard SDRAM
  • 64 MB onboard Flash storage
  • SDHC card support with up to 32GB storage capacity


  • 1 x USB Host Controller
  • 1 x USB Device port
  • 1 x RS232 Connector
  • 1 x RS422 Connector
  • 1 x RS485 Connector
  • 1 x CAN-bus connector
  • Built-in ethernet
  • Built-in module for wireless communication
  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS
  • Tri-band UMTS
  • Built-in Class A Bluetooth module for OUI data logging
  • GPS support w/ WAAS and EGNOS


Can be delivered with completely enclosed antennas

Additional features

  • RoHS compliant
  • Wireless modules available, complying with local specifications world-wide


  • Versatile power options
  • 90-250V fixed AC power
  • 90-250V non-fixed AC power with battery backup (i.e. charging via connection to street lighting)
  • Fully Solar Panel powered with extended 7-day battery backup
  • Fixed DC power in either 5V, 12V or 24V configurations
  • Low power consumption (0.1-0.2W depending on configuration and wireless activity)
  • Battery backup options
  • 4.2V 8.8Ah (~1 day)
  • 4.2V 52.8Ah (~7 days)

Ambient operating temperature

-40°C - +60°C