Communication Controller

State-of-the-art Communication Controller: SHDSL - PROXY ROUTER

The SWARCO COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER is designed to give maximum bandwidth on a wide range of communication technologies (twisted copper cables, optical fibre or 3G modem).


Signaling Controller

The powerful ARM CPU can be used to run own programs, i.e. communication proxies or full applications for motorway control with direct control of VMS signs.

Available in 3 different versions:

  • SHDSL for twisted copper cable communication 3 ch.
  • FIBER for optical fiber communication 3 ch. + 3G modem
  • ETHERNET for Ethernet routing 5 ch. + 3G modem

All versions are equipped with:

  • Ethernet RJ45 10/100 Mbps
  • RS422/485 DB9 connector for communication with external units
  • RS232 DB9 connector with full modem signalling
  • RS232 DB9 console connector to configure the modem
  • USB connector for future extension
  • Two additional RS232 DB9 connectors for communication with external units

Processing system

The COMMUNICATION CONTROLLER is equipped with an Atmel AT91RM9200 CPU running at 180 MHz internally. It has 32 MB RAM 64 MB Flash memory.


The board runs a 2.6-based Linux kernel with SCP, Telnet, FTP and DHCP servers. It uses OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocol for dynamic routing to enable network redundancy and load balancing features. Proxy software packages can be installed for communication with traffic controllers of different types.


The modem requires a supply voltage of 230VAC/50Hz and has an internal switch mode power supply that converts the 230VAC to the internally required voltages. 50Hz mains is clocked to the CPU for mains synchronized time.


The unit is designed as a single board inside a metal box with fixings for DIN rail.


Operating ambient temperature: -40°C- +70°C


Size (W x D x H): 298 x 120 x 42 mm (excluding connectors)


Weight: 1.06 kg