SWARCO extends the capacity and accessibility of Vasaplan in Umeå


In Sweden, we are increasingly focusing on public transport because of its positive impact on the environment in comparison to car traffic. Umeå is now making a major investment in the bus terminal at Vasaplan. In cooperation with SWARCO, the bus terminal will have increased capacity and improved accessibility that will attract more people to choose public transport before the car.

SWARCO supplies accessibility-adapted traffic information equipment for Umeå's central bus terminal on Vasaplan. Länstrafiken in Västerbotten has previously used SWARCO's terminal and bus service solution Dirigo for passenger information. Now the bus terminal in Umeå will have an increased usage of the system by being linked to the new RGB signs, monitor cabinet, wall-mounted monitors and "Prator", spoken information for better accessibility. Travelers will have a well-functioning bus terminal with real-time information, improved accessibility and increased road safety. Car traffic will be shut down at Vasaplanen to prioritize public transport, passenger safety and improve air quality in the city.

Increased safety for travelers, better accessibility for buses and improved urban environment are the results expected of the project. The project was completed on October 2, 2017, and SWARCO's solutions are now fully visible to travelers in Umeå.

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