Battery/Energy Storage

Recycling to give a '2nd life'

As electric vehicle (EV) batteries are used, the vehicles on-board management system compensates for the batteries degradation. However, eventually the range of the EV will become reduced and the battery will need to be replaced.

At the point at which EV batteries need to be replaced they are likely to still have 80% of their original capacity, making them perfectly suited for use in ‘2nd life’ applications.

Benefits of recycling lithium ion EV batteries

  • Can be used to create a cost effective energy storage system
  • Improves EV sustainability credentials
  • Increased residual value of ‘2nd life’ battery will decrease cost of EV ownership

Rapid Charging Infrastructure Growth

As the UK’s Rapid Charging infrastructure increases, greater demand will be placed upon the electricity supply networks. Grid connection upgrades that are often essential when installing DC Rapid Charing systems will become increasingly difficult and expensive.

Proactively addressing this future concern APT Controls Group has developed eStore, a modular energy storage system that utilises second life electric vehicle (EV) batteries.


  • E-STOR

    A modular, self contained energy storage device that utilises ‘2nd life’ batteries