URBAN TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Traffic Controller, Bochum and Herten

City of Bochum and Herten, 2010


Growing traffic volumes in the Ruhr area were the reason for the launch of the “Ruhrpilot” project. The objective of the project is the collection of information regarding traffic volumes and speed, as well as data from car parks and parking guidance systems.


In the course oft the project STS/VR-W installed two traffic computers. In the two cities of Bochum and Herten, the existing VSR 2100 systems had to be extended with an interface to the higher level Ruhrpilot management system to enable the transmission of traffic data from selected induction loops to Ruhrpilot in short intervals.

For the extension/renewal of the traffic computer system VSR 5000 was used. A lot of attention was given to the contract specifications to make sure that the installation time should be as short as possible to avoid unnecessary traffic obstructions. Another requirement was to avoid the necessity of work on the signals directly. To be able to achieve this, the internal interfaces MUCtoSH1 for the node interface SSI and MUCtoSH2 for the interface AM90 were developed and implemented. Therefore all existing modem connections could be kept and the renewal could be restricted to the traffic computer.

In the case of Bochum, one BFR and 7 GBR could be replaced with two control systems, one database and one communication computer. The customer needed the controllers to be configured to support the division of the city into two control areas. The projected was successfully finished within merely two weeks.

The project in Herten was completed in a similar way but due to the smaller scope, the entire project was finished in a few days.


  • Traffic information about the traffic and parking situation in the area
  • Signalisation of alternative routes