, 2011


Besides various structural measures, a modern SWARCO traffic management system will control the traffic situation in Hamburg harbour.


Altogether there are 14 LED-traffic displays, which inform about the current traffic situation around Hamburg harbour. 3 big displays show a diagram of the road network with actual traffic bottlenecks and problems.Together with eleven smaller text displays, they inform the drivers about waiting periods and alternative routs. The displays are part of the so called Port Road Managements, which uses besides LED-Full-graphic and text displays in RGB technology also several SWARCO-technologies.

To capture the traffic data, road stations with inductive loops for classification (8+1) of the traffic, are installed. Bluetooth®-scanner for information about travel time and video detectors with image transmission are used. The traffic data is analysed by the traffic control system with process-data (PD-server), far-distance-supply (VD-server) and Bluetooth®-server. This server controls besides the information-displays also the adaptive traffic light system via traffic control system and access unit modem. Detectors are counting the vehicles and transmit the data to the central control system, which ensures a optimized traffic flow. The modern, computer based traffic management system should ensure an efficient use of the traffic network in Hamburg harbour.