, 2012



With 65,000 trips daily the Wankdorfplatz is said to be a major hub, and the trend in the future is increasing. As the central hub in the Canton and as heart of the development of the territory the Wankdorfplatz has reached its capacity limits - without the development of local infrastructure the total traffic could no longer be managed in a compatible manner. The share of public transport is expected to increase significantly in the area of ESP Wankdorf. The aim is to primarily cover the increasing traffic that occurs from the new uses of ESP, by public transport and provide attractive as well as safe conditions for bicyclist and pedestrians.



To do so, the Wankdorfplatz was completely rebuilt and an underground traffic circle was constructed. The traffic now flows on two levels: Traffic going straight on stays above the ground, traffic turning left or right uses the underground traffic circle. Static and variable message signs are used for signposting. The traffic is managed via traffic signal installations, metering systems and congestion monitoring already in the periphery of the Wankdorfplatz.

The local operation by the police is done via the touchpanel of the Wankdorf traffic management system by means of the PRIMOS MOTION central software and an intuitive user interface.

Project content

  • Traffic management computer
  • Section control unit (QSK)
  • Manual control unit (HST)
  • Dynamic and static signposts
  • Internal proprietary connection between
    - Traffic management computer and section control unit
    - Section control unit and manual control unit (serial)
    - Manual control unit and dynamic signposts (I/O contacts)
  • Connection of traffic management computer and traffic management manual control per fiber optic cable via INFRA3 interface
  • Connection of traffic management computer and VSR Berne per 2-wire SHDSL section via OCIT-I PD interface
  • Connection of PRIMOS MOTION central software of the visualization server with the webvisualisation clients via Internet per HTTPS protocol


Start of construction: June 2012
Start of operation: December 2012
Project volume total: approx. 1.13 Mio €


  • To create the necessary capacity for trouble-free tram and bus operation.
  • Improve traffic flow on the peripheral roads
  • Protect the residential streets from deviating and increased traffic
  • Increase the attractiveness for pedestrians, cyclists and for public transport