, 2013


Started in 2007, the two kilometer stretch on the motorway A1 in the west of the city was extended to six lanes.

In order to protect the urban districts close to the motorway A1, the specific section of the motorway was enclosed by an overhead noise protection barrier.

The tunnel-like construction across the motorway is made of reinforced concrete walls beside the motorway and in the medial strip, which are covered by an arched glass structure.

Integrated in the noise protection is the junction Cologne-Loevenich as well as five bridges.

The speed limit within the installation is reduced to 80 km/h.


Project concept

The tunnel control center monitors continuously the noise protection via video and can close it at once if necessary.

Concerning the control, the noise protection is integrated in the processes of

  • the junction control of the interchange Cologne-West,
  • the congestion warning system from direction Dortmund
  • and in the system with dynamic routing VMS (dWiSta).

Noise protection

Sign gantry

Project content field installations

  • 74 roadside stations with 1000 V transformer for power supply
  • 212 dynamic display systems in LED-technology at 47 display cross sections (of which 13 within the tunnel)
  • 37 prism openers at 27 display cross sections
  • 12 variable routing systems
  • 4 VMS in LED- technology (dWiSta) within the noise protection
  • 29 static signs and signposts
  • Permanent lane signals, blinkers
  • 13 measurement cross sections in inductive loop technology
  • 24 data acquisition units for double loops
  • 34 combined overhead detectors
  • 46 brightness sensors (inside and outside)
  • 2 measurement station for humidity incl. data acquisition units and IOC
  • 15 height control installations with photo evidence
  • VMS with shutter as emergency signalization (fail-save)
  • Lane lights as support for the overhead signalization to divert vehicles
  • 3 ramp metering systems are integrated into the tunnel control for tunnel closure
  • Dismantling of the existing systems with traffic signs, dynamic VMS, roadside stations and steel bridges
  • Length of noise protection barrier: approx. 1500 m, 1 tube per driving direction
  • Clearance within the tubes: approx. 4.7 m (at some points 4.5 m)

The roadside stations on the sign gantries are also accessible within the tunnel via the service paths on the roof, without having to close the tunnel.

By using double IOC it is possible to control the traffic management both by the sub center and in case of an incident by the tunnel operating center

Project content sub center

The control software is based on the standardized “BLAK” software (

Besides the standard operating elements (e.g. show current conditions, switching VMS, re­ques­ting protocols and statistics) also the ramp me­ter­ing system must be parameterized or the closing barrier systems must be operated.


Start of construction: 2007

Start of operation: 2013