Motorway ringroad A99 Munich - Relocation of the junction Aschheim / Ismaning, Bavaria, Germany

, 2016


Due to the extension of the junction Aschheim / Ismaning on the motorway A99 near Munich, it was necessary to adapt the according signposts, display points with hard shoulder running as well as the corresponding video components. The concerned section of the traffic management system includes three lanes each in both driving directions plus hard shoulder, which was supposed to be used as temporary additional lane even during the construction works.


In the course of the project, the signposts of the junction Asch­heim / Ismaning were dismantled and newly installed at the relocated position.

The display points of the corridor control system were adapted to the changed requirements. Thus, in cooperation with the traffic management center, also the release sequences for the hard shoulder running system had to be adapted accordingly. Additionally, the video points had to be adjusted to the new locations and visibility conditions.

Project content

  • Dismantling, new installation and where possible reusing, preparing and reconstruction at the new location of:
    - 10 New VMS gantries
    - 2 Cantilevers with overtaking
    - 5 Variable routing and direction signs with overtaking
    - 1 New variable routing sign
    - 28 New VMS in LED technology
    - 4 Rerouting displays in prism and LED technology
    - 8 Video cameras (adjustment)
  • Delivery and installation of:
    - 11 New outstations
    - 11 Control cabinets
  • Installation of the mounting equipment

Construction works: May 2014 – June 2016


The pronounced goals were to prepare and reuse existing system parts as far as possible and to keep operating the hard shoulder running in the section of construction works and system modification.