, 2015


An intelligent traffic control system leads the truck drivers in this section directly to free parking spaces and thus helps to optimally use existing parking capacities. On the motorway stretch towards the customs at Basel / Weil am Rhein the system now controls the truck parking space numbers for five parking areas. The parking areas along the 24 km long stretch heading south largely differ in terms of size and equipment. Therefore, the challenge was to assess the different preconditions such as infrastructures, their detailing degree, and the combination of existing parking areas.


Optimum utilization of parking spaces
With the objective of optimally using all existing parking spaces up to the very last one, even parking spaces for passenger cars, which can be used at night without any safety hazard, are taken into consideration.

Optimum detection and display
The truck parking management system uses magnetic field sensors and radar detectors and identifies vehicles by their space needs. The system guides motorists who search a parking space by a three-fold classification (passenger car, long truck, and short truck) and balances the different parking space types (mixed parking space, spaces marked for trucks and spaces marked for passenger cars). Additionally, spaces for cars and "tolerated" space uses at night are also considered. The communication between parking area and sub center occurs via GPRS. The system works with automated corrections which can also be implemented manually by SMS on site.

For the display of the parking spaces, SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS takes a new innovative approach, to boost the acceptance of the truck drivers. Not the calculated number of spaces is displayed but a parking space number based on fixed parameters. This means in case of a large number of free spaces the display is adjusted in steps of 5 vehicles. The display of "1" means that all regular parking spaces are occupied, but there might still be some "tolerated" spaces available. "0" is displayed to clearly indicate, that there are absolutely no parking spaces to be found and the truck drivers should refrain from entering the parking area at all.

Project content
5 parking areas on the motorway A5: Central software and field equipment

  • 5 Dynamic parking space displays in LED technology
  • 1 Dynamic parking space display in prism technology
  • 7 Control cabinets
  • 6 Cameras with pan-tilt-technology and connection via fiber-optic cabling
  • 10 Overhead radar detectors
  • 16 Magnetic field sensors
  • 10 Access points
  • 1 Central Server
  • Central Software based on BLAK
  • 1 Operating computer in the motorway maintenance center
  • 1 i-Phone for manually correcting the number of parking spaces via SMS
  • GPRS communication between the central server and the control cabinets


  • Field equipment: Sept. 2010 – Nov. 2011
  • Central software: Feb. 2011 – Aug. 2014 incl. bringing the system into service
  • Official opening and activation of the online information: Feb. 2015



Free capacities viewable via internet and mobile devices
A SWARCO web service permits to retrieve information both on free parking spaces and the projected full occupancy for the current calendar day on the internet or via smartphones. The website follows the design of Baden-Württemberg's road traffic center in Stuttgart (SVZ) and can be accessed via the link