TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT MOTORWAY A5, Interchange Frankfurter Kreuz, Germany

Federal State Hesse, 2010 / 1998 - 2008


Motorway A5 is not only one of the most important motorway connections for long distance traffic (Hamburg – Frankfurt – Basel) but has also a huge regional importance and thus the highest traffic load in the Rhine-Main area (up to 144,000 veh/24h).


Built in 2009, the traffic control system spans the heavily used sections of the motorways A5 / A45, junction Friedberg to interchange Gambacher Kreuz.

Since the end of the 1980s, traffic management measures on motorway A5 around the interchange Frankfurt aim to harmonize and control the traffic in order to cope with the continuously rising traffic loads. Starting in 1989/90 with the road section between the western interchange Frankfurt and Bad Homburg, in a second step the corridor control system was extended in 1995/96 going from Bad Homburg to the junction Friedberg.

Because of higher traffic loads and the success of the temporary automatic release of the hard shoulder in the corridor control installation on the motorway A3 between Frankfurt-Süd and Seligenstadt, in a third step the corridor control system on motorway A5 was equipped in both directions with such a hard shoulder release system between the northern interchange Frankfurt and the junction Friedberg. At the same time, the existing installation was extended and important elements were modernized.

The fourth step, implemented in 2008, extended the system on motorway A5 between the western interchange Frankfurt and junction Zeppelinheim for another 10 km to the south. Additionally, between the interchange Frankfurter and the junction Frankfurt-Niederrad, an automatic system for the temporary release of the hard shoulder was installed at a length of 3 km, which substantially relieved the area of the Frankfurt interchange during the peak hours.

Project Content

  • Control software sub centre (separate extension of existing sub centre)
  • 46 Roadside units
  • 39 Sign gantries with 105 variable message signs type A and 66 variable message signs type B
  • 24 Measurement points for traffic data acquisition (74 double induction loops and 105 overhead detectors)
  • 11 Environmental stations
  • Laying of approx. 58 km fiber optical cable and energy cable
  • Traffic management on a section of 8 km on the motorway A45 and 20 km on the motorway A5 in both driving directions


Contract and start of construction: June 2009.
Start of operation: October 2010.


Project Content of earlier traffic management measures

4. Stage: Extension of the corridor control system:

  • 22 display cross sections
  • Traffic control system 95 LED VMS (type A), 44 LED VMS (type B/C)
  • 4 Display cross sections for variable routing
  • 4 Display cross sections for release of hard shoulder
  • 5 Monitoring cameras
  • 34 roadway stations
  • Infrastructural works on a section of approx. 10 km

Construction: April 2007 – Juni 2008.

3. Stage: Extension and reconstruction:

  • Modification and extension of the sub centre
  • Installation of 35 display cross sections with 210 LED VMS
  • Extension of 11 display cross sections in fiber optic technology
  • 37 Prism openers/shutters for temporary release of hard shoulder
  • Conversion of measurement cross sections to radar detectors for local traffic data acquisition
  • Video monitoring with 51 cameras and video center
  • Infrastructural works on a section of approx. 20 km

Construction: Juli 2004 – Juni 2005

1. and 2. Stage:

  • Sub centre
  • 61 Display cross sections (303 fiber optic VMS)
  • 89 Measuring cross sections for local data acquisition
  • 10 Environmental data stations
  • Infrastructural works on a section of approx. 30 km

1. Stage: 1989/90.
2. Stage: 1995/96.


The project is a further decisive step within the project Congestion free Hesse 2015 (Staufreies Hessen 2015), extending the existing traffic control system and continuing the traffic measures around the interchange Frankfurt.