, 2010


In spite of a length of only 29 km, the motorway A98, the so-called “Hochrheinautobahn”, is an extremely important and busy traffic connection.

By means of the link road A861 it leads directly to the highly frequented customs facilities at Rheinfelden and is thus the direct connection to Switzerland.

Especially the high numbers of lorries which build tailbacks from the Swiss border to the motorway at peak times, pose a big challenge for the traffic safety on the motorway.


In case of such tailbacks, in front of the junction “Hochrhein” (Tunnel Nollinger Berg) the right lane of the motorway is reserved for the waiting lorries, while the car drivers are to use the left lane.

This is made possible by a sophisticated system of modern traffic technology, offering the highest degree of information and safety for all people involved and helping to keep the traffic moving.

After a construction phase of only 7 months, including planning and construction, the congestion management system for the motorway A98 was introduced.

Project content

The project includes the delivery, mounting and bringing into operation of

  • 7 New sign gantries
  • 7 Variable routing installations in prism technology
  • 2 Prism openers
  • 15 LED variable message signs
  • 1 Video camera connected with the existing video centre
  • 4 Measurement points
  • 5 Roadside units

as well as the backfitting of existing roadside units, the extension of the sub centre and further adaptations of the traffic technology.


The system started operating in October 2010 and was opened with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on December 09 2010.