Due to the successful combination of outstanding optical quality and an attractive design, MONDIAL is one of SWARCO FUTURIT’s most popular signal heads. It has been installed all over the world, from icy Scandinavia to deserts on the Arabian peninsula, where MONDIAL signal heads have successfully proven their sturdiness and flexibility in all climatic conditions.


Made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate SWARCO FUTURIT’s MONDIAL is resistant to mechanical stress, unfavourable weather conditions and solar radiation. Its modular design and constructional snap elements allow for easy signal maintenance. MONDIAL can be supplied with different types of light sources and electrical systems such as high voltage, low voltage, BA 20, halogen or LEDs. Meeting the highest requirements all over the world, MONDIAL is the most versatile traffic signal head available.

With its optical system being adapted to each lamp type for optimum light intensity, MONDIAL is our well proven contribution to traffic safety.

  • available in ø 210 / 300 mm; combi signal (ø 300 mm + ø 210 mm)
  • in combination with FUTURLED optics very low power consumption and brilliant light output
  • proven technology
  • longevity of operation
  • vandal-proof design
  • modular lens filter system adapted to minimize phantom light
  • any type of lens with customized symbols can be delivered on request
  • vertical and horizontal mounting


UV-stabilized polycarbonate


100 / 210 / 300 mm
aspects: 1, 2, 3 as standard;
more aspects on request


210 / 300 mm FUTURLED

Impact resistance

High (Class IR3 acc. to EN 60598-1)

Ingress protection

Water- and dust-proof (IP54) – EN 60529


in accordance with EN12368
CE certification obtained

Protection classification

Class II – double or reinforced insulation

Housing colours

pebble-grey (RAL 7032)
fir-green (RAL 6009)
black (RAL 9005)
orange (RAL 2000)
silver-grey (RAL 7002)

other colours on request

Variation options

Mounting: two point fixing/mounting by means of brackets in different lengths of 105 mm, 183 mm, 240 mm, for L-shaped brackets as well as for T- shaped brackets (brackets in customized lengths available)

two point fixing/mounting on cantilever bracket backing

Electrical: FUTURLED modules; High voltage E27, B22; Low voltage Ba20S, PKX 22s

Optics: depending on light source used - spiderweb lens, spiderweb lens with lens pattern centre, wide angle lens.

Boards: can be fixed easily at the rear side of the housing.