Move the green way with us

When you choose FUTURA you get the first polycarbonate traffic signal head purely designed for LED technology.

FUTURA’s slim and elegant design will change the look of urban landscapes around the globe. At the same time FUTURA offers a new level of efficiency and environmental respect. Choosing FUTURA makes you contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions from product manufacture and energy production. FUTURA is the world’s first traffic signal developed under eco-design principles and sets a new level in 21st century traffic signalling.


  • Nomination for Austria‘s National Award Focus 2008: Efficiency in climate protection
  • CREATECH contest: Special recognition, ideas in traffic technology and creative business

When you choose FUTURA you get the first polycarbonate traffic signal head purely designed for LED technology.

  • FUTURLED optic ensures highest energy efficiency
  • optically appealing and modern appearance
  • slim design perfectly fits into historical urban areas
  • available in ø 100 / 210 / 300 mm
  • optimized strength and stability
  • cannot be opened by unauthorized persons
  • available in different colours and colour combinations
  • can be mounted vertically as well as horizontally
  • available with integrated frame to fix backing boards
  • LED optic ensures highest energy efficiency


UV-stabilized polycarbonate


100, 210, 300 mm (100 mm signal with aluminium back to increase stability against vandalism)
aspects: 1, 2, 3 as standard; more aspects on request


100 / 210 / 300 mm FUTURLED

Mounting / Backing Boards

two point fixing/mounting by means of brackets in different lengths of 168 mm (polycarbonate) and 105 mm, 183 mm, 240 mm (aluminium)


two point fixing/mounting on cantilever bracket backing


Backing Boards: fixation via basic frame or ALU/PC Composite

Housing colours

black (RAL 9005)
light grey (RAL 7032)
fir green (RAL 6009)
orange (RAL 2000)


combinations (frontside/backside)

available on request

Impact resistance

acc. to EN60598-1; class IR 3 acc. to EN12368

Change of temperature

EN60068-2-14 passed

Vibration test

EN60068-2-64 passed

Damp heat test

EN60068-2-30 passed


in accordance with EN12368

CE certification obtained

Ingress protection

water- and dust-proof (IP55, IP54) – EN60529; equals class IV acc. to EN12368