Traffic Controllers

Intelligent controller systems help to cope with high urban traffic volumes in order to utilize existing traffic infrastructure in the best possible way and to protect people and the environment. With our traffic light systems, traffic computers and fault indication systems we improve traffic safety and the management of rising traffic volumes in an innovative way.

SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS is one of the leading providers of traffic controllers. The successful implementation of our systems is based on comprehensive know-how and long standing experience in traffic management and traffic safety.


  • ACTROS - Traffic Light Controller

    ACTROS is used for individual intersection control, or as a system component of a comprehensive Traffic Management System.

  • ACTROS.c

    ACTROS.c is based on three functional modules, suitable for mid-size intersections.

  • ACTROS.compact

    Small and energy-efficient traffic controller.

  • is an expansion of ACTROS for the group control of traffic signal systems based on the open communications interface OCIT.

  • ISY-GUARD Fault Indicating System

    ISY-GUARD reports all incidents that can disturb the proper functioning of a traffic signalling system.

  • KSR

    The public transport priority system KSR drastically reduces stops at traffic lights.

  • TERM

    Emission prognoses for traffic management.

  • VRS 5000 Traffic Management System

    VRS 5000 Traffic Management System is the ideal solution for the implementation of complex control processes for urban traffic networks.