TDD1-MW Traffic detectors

Doppler-Radar traffic detector with 30 m / 75 m range

The traffic detectors of the TDD1-MW series use Doppler radar technology for detecting vehicles. They are designed for detecting objects moving in or through the field of view.


The detectors of theTDD1-MW series have been developed for a range of applications that require robust and reliable detection:

  • Green-phase request or extension at traffic lights, with possibility to discriminate by vehicle driving direction
  • Speed-dependent detection of vehicles
  • Door sensor: As detector for auto-operation of doors


The TDD1-MW detectors detect moving objects by means of the frequency shift of the reflected microwave vs. the transmitted waves. Several application-dependent features can be configured easily and effortlessly using the IR remote control (extra accessory):Direction-discrimination (approaching, receding, both)

  • Detection range (depending on model)
  • Minimum speed threshold (4 km/h, 8 km/h)
  • Auto-timer output activation (off, 90 s, 150 s)
  • Feedback LED on front of detector (on, off)


The recommended mounting location is on a pole at the side of the road, approximately 1 to 5 m above ground.

  • Easy integration: Using SPDT relay output
  • Robust design: Poly-carbon enclosure with weather protection hood made of stainless steel V4A
  • Large mounting range: Mounting height 1 m to 5 m
  • Easy Installation: Mounting bracket with three holes for easy mounting on poles or gantries
  • Easy and effortless configuration: Using IR remote control (optionally available)
  • Large operating temperature range: Peak performance in all environmental conditions

Supply Voltage

(5 - 48) V DC / (12 - 43) V AC

Power Consumption

typ. 50 mA @ 12 V DC

Output / Switch*

Relay, SPDT / 300 V AC / 2 A / 60 W

Function Indication

Tri-color LED on front of detector

Turn-on time

Typ. 1 second after power on


Case Material

Polycarbonate, dark grey

Weather protection

Stainless steel, V4A


approx. 700 g incl. bracket (approx. 560 g with plug)

Doppler Radar

K-Band 24.05 GHz - 24.25 GHz

Detection Range

TDD1-MW30: 30 m nominal

TDD1-MW75: 75 m nominal

Low speed Threshold

4 km/h / 8 km/h (selectable)

Operating Temperature

-40°C to +70°C


95 % RH max.


IP 64 splash proof

* the maximum voltage on the output must not exceed the supply voltage!

IR Remote Control:
To customize the settings of the detector, an infrared remote control is required. The remote control is an extra accessory and has to be ordered separately.

Mounting Accessories:
Pole mount adapter for mounting the detector on a round pole. The pole mount adapter is an extra accessory and has to be ordered separately.

Connection Cable:
An according connection cable is necessary for the electrical connection of the detector. This cable is an extra accessory and has to be ordered separately

Connection cable 15 m