SMR 5000


The SMR 5000 incident reporting system is a standalone tool to monitor and partly control traffic signal systems which are spread over a large area. The system can be operated manually or automatically. Traffic signal systems are connected via a GSM-interface according to the OCIT standard. The system consists of a central server and local clients. Every user has its own message window. The graphical user interface is completely web-based.

Field of application

Comprehensive monitoring of traffic signal systems that are not connected via cable network.

Target group

Operators of traffic signal systems that are spread over a large area (e.g. highway departments, even entire federal states). Operating this incident reporting system is done by trained personnel and partly requires profound knowledge of traffic management.


The hardware is only build from standard components. This makes it scalable and future-proof.

System and standard software

The operating system used by SMR 5000 is Linux. The terminals use Microsoft Windows®. Additional standard software such as anti-virus software, firewalls or office software can be shipped on demand.

Traffic signal interface

SMR 5000 conforms with OCIT-LSA.

  • Monitoring of traffic signal systems (OCIT)
  • Automatic message forewarding via fax, sms and/or e-mail
  • Traffic and Sipl-online-data analysis
  • Manual operation of traffic signals
  • Storage and archiving of data