Control Centers and Software

SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS' control centres manage connected sub systems like traffic light systems and detection devices and provide the means for the integration of traffic control systems, parking management systems, etc.

Hard- and software are based on a modular design and the conformity with international standards guarantees smooth integration and extensibility. Modern communication technology, supporting a variety of protocols, ensures that data exchange is simple and straightforward.


  • TOPic

    TOPic – Providing interactive access to your traffi c-management applications

  • TERM

    Emission prognoses for traffic management.

  • VRS 5000 Traffic Management System

    VRS 5000 Traffic Management System is the ideal solution for the implementation of complex control processes for urban traffic networks.

  • SMR 5000

    The SMR 5000 incident reporting system is a standalone tool to monitor and partly control traffic signal systems.