Urban Traffic Management

Strategies and solutions for the regulation of urban traffic

Traffic control and management remains a particular challenge in densely populated cities and towns. A more efficient use of existing roadway capacities, harmonized traffic flows, emission-related traffic control, prioritization of public transport means and the focus on pedestrian safety are some of SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS’ approaches to better manage urban mobility. SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS has proven that its solutions in constant traffic monitoring and adaptive traffic control help reduce travel times. Adaptive traffic control systems by SWARCO trace and detect traffic data and actuate optimum management strategies for the regulation of urban traffic.


  • Control Centers and Software

    SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS' traffic control centers and software.

  • Traffic Controllers

    Traffic light systems, traffic computers and fault indication systems for intelligent traffic management.

  • Detection

    Detectors collect traffic information which is a major element in traffic management.

  • Traffic Lights

    SWARCO TRAFFIC SYSTEMS delivers modern LED-based and conventional traffic signals for any type of application.

  • Variable Message Signs

    Variable message signs (VMS) inform, warn, and guide motorists on highways and major roads.